DeNavi's traditional Christmas Plum Puddings made with suet.



     Creating traditional Plum Puddings since 2000


 DeNavi’s Christmas Plum Puddings are made using a traditional suet plum pudding recipe . Hand made each individual pudding is mixed , rested then steamed  creating deliciousness that lingers and longs for more. 

This Pudding has been created with a lot of love and care .Raisins,currants and sultanas are soaked for a week till they are nice and plump. Fresh ingredients such as  apples, lemons ,oranges and farm fresh eggs are used to create the traditional  pudding mixture.  Suet is used to bind the mixture together and makes it more moist than using butter.  The pudding mixture is then left to age for a week before being gently steamed.

The result is a delicious, rich plum pudding to be savoured with friends and family -  a reminder that tradition can be well worth celebrating.

To Serve- Reheating Directions. This pudding is already cooked and only requires gentle reheating.Steam gently for aprox 30 min/Kg.Can be microwaved however for this superior product we recommend steaming.

Puddings are best served with your favourite brandy sauce and a delicious vanilla bean ice cream.