Traditional Christmas Plum Puddings

DeNavi's Traditional Christmas Plum Puddings, made with suet.  

 DeNavi’s Christmas Plum Puddings are made using a traditional recipe that requires loving care and attention to every detail.

We source fresh suet from local suppliers, which is then hand cleaned and grated into the mixture. This binds the mixture together and makes it more flavoursome than using butter. Using fresh apples, lemon and orange juice, and farm fresh eggs, the fruit is soaked for a week and the mixture is hand mixed. It is then left to age for a week before being gently steamed.

The result is a delicious, rich plum pudding to be savoured with friends and family -  a reminder that tradition can be well worth celebrating.

DeNavi’s Christmas Plum Puddings are best served with your favourite brandy sauce and a delicious vanilla bean ice cream.